Who We Are

Our Mission

The Pacers Foundation seeks to empower young people and invest in community partnerships addressing equity and justice in education, health and safety.​

Our Vision

We seek to improve the quality of life in our region by investing in community partnerships that inspire and motivate youth through education, health, and safety.

The partnerships we make will help our future generations access avenues of social and economic growth previously unavailable to them.

Key Players

Board Members/Officers

Rick Fuson, Pacers Sports & Entertainment (Chair)
Matt Albrecht, Pacers Sports & Entertainment (Treasurer)
Corey Wilson, Pacers Sports & Entertainment (Executive Director and Secretary)
Bill Benner
Cindy Simon Skjodt
Danny Lopez, Pacers Sports & Entertainment
Greg Schenkel
Mel Raines, Pacers Sports & Entertainment
Quinn Buckner, Pacers Sports & Entertainment
Rachel Simon
Tracy Ellis-Ward, Pacers Sports & Entertainment

Board Members in Memoriam

Thomas W. Binford
Shari Simon Greenberg
Tom Severino

Board Members Emeritus

Dr. John H. Abrams
Ben Blanton
Gary Cohen
Anton H. (Tony) George
Frank Hancock
Patricia Keiffner
Susan Kilkenny
James T. Morris
Robert J. Salyers
Stephen A. Stitle


Since 2013, the Pacers Foundation and Pacers Sports and Entertainment have supported The Parks Alliance formerly the Indianapolis Parks Foundation, to build, renovate, or upgrade basketball courts in Indy Parks throughout Marion County.  The Parks Alliance, in partnership with Indy Parks and the Department of Public Works, has managed funding and construction of the basketball court renovations through this public-private partnership.  As a result additional funders—including the Indianapolis Urban League, Finish Line Youth Foundation, NCAA, and the Boiler Business Exchange—have also invested in one of the park’s most utilized amenities.